Example Birthday Cakes

These 1st birthday cakes can, in most instances, be made to be larger or smaller and so the price will vary accordingly. The prices given relate to those designs and the particular sizes of the cakes in the pictures. Please contact us for any price queries or to discuss your particular requirements.

1st Birthday Cakes
Number 1 cake serves approx. 30+ standard portions of 1”x2” and is £50. Colours can be changed to suit requirements. Flowers could be swapped for spots etc if for a boy to tailor to suit.
3D safari animals themed cake to feed approx. 58 standard portions of 1”x2”. All edible decorations and possibility for different animals if required but may affect price depending on level of detailing. Possibility for different flavour tiers and could be adapted for round cakes rather than square. £165 for this size.
Bananas In Pyjamas cake covered with chocolate ganache and smarties. Starting from £40 for a 6” round cake which feeds approx. 12 standard portions of 1”x2”.
Beautiful bears and sleeping baby cake mounted on a iced base (this is what the bear’s are sat on). Colours can be changed to suit a boy. For an 8” round cakes which serves approx 24 standard portions of 1”x2”, it would be £65.
Very sweet little bear cake. This little one was a 4” round and serves approx 6 standard portions of 1”x2”. It would be £25.