Example Animal Cakes

These animal cakes can, in most instances, be made to be larger or smaller and so the price will vary accordingly. The prices given relate to those designs and the particular sizes of the cakes in the pictures. Please contact us for any price queries or to discuss your particular requirements

yorkshire terrier cake This is a 7” round cake with a very sweet Yorkshire Terrier sat on top and would be £45, serves approx 18 standard portions.
whippet cake This is an 8” round, serving approx 24 standard portions and has a lovely little whippet laying down on a blanket.
swan cake This carved swan cake fed approx 40 standard portions and would be £75.
safari cakesafari cakesafari cake

This marvellous 3 tier 2d safari animal themed cake was all fully edible bar the supporting lollipop sticks within the palm trees. There’s scope within the design to change the animals if required. This was a set of 8”, 6” and 4” round tiers and would be £150.

pug cakepug cakepug cake

These Doug The Pug cakes are all fully edible and hand painted with detailing. These cute carved cakes start at £50 for one serving approx 20+ standard portions.

german shepherd cale This carved german shepherd serves approx 20 standard portions and would be £55.
pomski cake Meet Ivan the Pomski puppy, when researching and finding inspiration for the design of this chap I found there were no existing Pomski cakes at all! So he would appear to be a first! This fella starts at £55. His fur detail is done flicking a cocktail stick which takes quite sometime to get the right effect and then his colouring was all hand painted.
owl cakeowl cake

These 2 owl cakes are so sweet, serve approx 15 standard portions and would be £40.

frank senior tortoise cakefrank junior tortoise cake

Meet Frank Senior and Frank Junior. Depending portions required, Frank starts at £45.

cheeky monkey cake This cheeky little monkey is sat on a 6” round which serves approx 12 standard portions and he would be £35. Different jungle animals can be done no problem.
jay bird cake I did this little Jay bird for my Granny Rita’s birthday as a surpirse commision from my Grandad. He was driven over 2 hours to her front door with my big head popping out from behind his box to surporise her with him on her birthday. She loved him and named him Twitter. He’s sat on a 5” round cake and would be £35. He was all handpainted.
horse cupcakeshorse cupcakes

These horse themed cupcakes are quite popular as are the unicorns ones hiding at the back of the first picture. These start at £2.50 a cupcake. But can be made as single toppers for any cake, price depending on size of topper required.

horse cake This handsome horse was based on pictures I was sent of the birthday lady’s own horse to ad that personal touch. He’s sat on a 7” round and iced with green vanilla buttercream. For this size it would be £40.
horse head cake This carved horse head served approx 15 standard portions and would be £45.
horse and labrador cake This labrador and horse themed cake was so much fun to do and was based on the pets of the birthday girl. Covered with green vanilla buttercream on a 7” round, serving approx 18 standard portions. This size would be £50.
hamster cake This was one of my very first cakes I did when I first started my cake business back in 2014 as you can tell from the uneveness of it all. But I’m still very proud of it and would love to have another go at doing but as a much neater version! It was done to raise money for a hamster charity. Getting that cake to stand up like that was very challenging but ti worked. A price for something like this would need to be confirmed once the exact design wanted is finalised as there are a few thing I’d do differently. But I think it’s still a relelvant cake to show case just for its cuteness!
giraffe car cake I was asked to create a cake with a giraffe driver racing a primrose yellow 1960s Ford Mustang. Geoffrey here was the end result. He went down a storm. He was driving on top of an 9” round and would be £70.
unicorn head cake Meet Dazzles the unicorn. This one was done as a dairy free cake and served approx 15+ standard portions. She would be £50.
cats and dogs cake

This cute cats and dogs combination was entirely cake and fondant so fully edible bar the ribbon. This was done as a 7” square with a single layer 7” round on top. For this size it would be £60.

cat cake This handsome chap was based on a picture the customer sent me of their cat and it was a gluten free order. As an 8” round this one would sere up to 24 standard portions and would be £50.
carp cake This large chap is Fred the mirror carp and was all handpainted. He was chocolate fudge cake inside to serve approx 30 standard portions. He would be £75.
safari cake This marvellous 3 tier 3d safari animal themed cake was all fully edible bar the supporting lollipop sticks within the palm trees and in the giraffe’s neck. There’s scope within the design to change the animals if required. This was a set of 8”, 6” and 4” square tiers and would be £170.