Are you wanting to have a photo or specific picture on a cake? We can print that for you in a variety of sizes to help add that personal touch to your cake. Images can be printed onto wafer paper or icing sheets depending on your preference. Wafer sheets are great for pictures you want to stand up, such as on cupcakes.

For photos though, the icing sheets are recommended for a better quality. The icing sheets are flexible like normal sheet of paper, but slightly thicker.

Prices start from £5 posted first class for one sheet of either wafer or icing sheet. Other postage options available, but please contact to confirm price.

Currently we can’t offer precut toppers yet, but this is in the pipeline. We also do not print any Disney images.

Pictures can be amended to specific sizes as required, just let us know your requirements.

We can only print up to A4 size at the moment.

Text can be added to images no problem, just let us know what you’d like.

We try to fit as much onto each sheet as required, so if you have more than one cake you’d like images for so that you don’t have to order individual sheets. Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

We can print up to an 8” round or square images.

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printing wedding cake

printing birthday cake