About Us

I've always baked cakes and other goodies but only discovered in 2012 that I could actually decorate them. I was asked to decorate a cake for a colleague who was retiring and instantly got the bug. No-one was more surprised than me at the final result, nor more proud. What makes me laugh is I'm very much from the stick men school of drawing (still am) but give me anything cakey and magic seems to happen.

So, whether you've never done it before and want to give it a go, are a hobby baker dabbling or a professional registered caker - don't be afraid to try it. You will love it, hate it, stress like you wouldn't believe, wonder where the time went when lost in your creation and beam like a loon when you see or hear how much everyone loved it. I love seeing the pictures of those who receive the cakes or hearing about how well they went down.

Bit of my background.... well I am a mum to two crazy loveable boys and my partner also has two wonderful daughters who visit us lots, so the house can be a crazy place at times. This is in addition to my fruit loop French Bulldog Jack and two cats – Mojo and Marley. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I completed university achieving my BA Honours degree in Business Management and Communications with my then newborn son attending my lectures with me in my final year. Then not really using much of what I'd studied for the next eleven years working in a complaints department in a bank. Redundancy came up in 2014 so I took the opportunity to sort out some things and set up my business from home and Ditsy's Cakes was born. I have a 5* star Environmental Health rating from Test Valley Borough Council, achieved a relatively well balanced relationship between work and family life and have full public liability insurance. So am my own boss! Wohoo!

You've probably figured by now I'm slightly enthusiastic about what I do and yes I type as if I'm speaking. Side effect of being artisitic.

This website is to both showcase my work, provide an additional avenue for customers to contact me about their cake requirements and for me to ramble on occasionally about my latest cake adventures. So if you want to contact me about an order or just want some advice/help then feel free to do so.